Which Top Asia destinations to choose?

Are you looking for the top Asia destinations? Your plan is to travel to Asia, I have selected for you the best destinations. Why these ones? I have been there, they combined most beautiful country, a multi-cultural culture, an excellent cuisine and the most kindly people. Asia is the most populated place on earth , represents 60% of our planet population.



When you arrived in Bangkok, you are chocked! The weather is hot and humid. The Traffic is so heavy and this Capital is the busiest on earth. There are thousands of Temples in the city but the main attractions are the Grand palace in Bangkok, Chinatown, floating market.

Excellent food can be bought with Thai baht on the streets. Thai cuisine is known as spicy, includes specialties khao phat, phat tai, khao man thai. Stay few days in Bangkok and go to these marvelous places: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Phi-Phi Island.

Floating Market in Bangkok


Singapore is an island, a very busy port, an important place for finance & trade and has the best gardens. If you can stay few days in Singapore, it could be on your way to Australia or an other destination, it's worth to do it! There are different quarters: Chinatown, Little India and Arab quarter. The cuisine includes excellent specialties like laksa, kari, Achar, Duck rice. Top view from the Singapore Flyer! The currency is the Singapore dollar.


Travel to Mongolia
Learn when and why you should travel to Mongolia; travel requirements for Mongolia and check out the best deals on how to get there.


Ancient important port, Sri lanka is an island with a big production of tea and coffee. The largest city named Colombo is a multi-cultural city. Main attractions include Jami Ul Alfar mosque, the old Colombo Lighthouse, one of the oldest church St-Paul Church Milagiriya. Traditional food rice and curry, kiribath. Currency Sri Lankan rupee.


Indonesia is my favorite top Asia destinations. Country of thousands of islands, just 6000 are populated. Indonesia is a Republic. Food is excellent, varies by region Chinese, European, India, satay, sambal, tofu. Many types of tropical fruit are rambutan, jackfruit, mango.

The well-known islands are Java, Sumatra and Bali, for its fabulous white sand beaches. Bali is magic for honeymoon. You can speak Balinese or Indonesian if you like! Charming dance of Bali: Legong (finger movements, expressive gesture and faces).

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