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Top 10 vacation spot

What are the top 10 vacation spots in the world?

Choosing a holiday destination isn't really simply, depending of the time during the year you are going to travel.

Anyway before buying any ticket, get some extra information about rain, hurricanes and crowds seasons.
Halong Bay in Vietnam

Vietnam in January

A good month to visit Vietnam is January and beginning of February.

If you go to Ho Chi Minh City and the southern country avoid the hot and very humid season between end-February to May. South Vietnam the wettest months are from June to August. The Typhoon months are from July to November. The good time, December to April, is dry.

Great sites: Hochiminh city, Ha Noi, Ha long

Morocco in March

The best time to visit Morocco is probably between March and June or September to November. Still the weather is always very good in Morocco but really enjoy it you would like to avoid the very hot temperatures during the months of July and August.

Best sights: Marrakesh, Tangier, fez, Meknes, Casablanca

Australia in April

Australia must be seen around April, May or September to October as the weather will be reasonably mild all round. December,January and February are hot, very humid in Brisbane, and even worse in Cairns.

Main sights: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, Darwin, Ayers Rock.

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Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Hawaii in June

November to March is the rainy season. But it still nice all year around.

The most famous beach Waikiki Beach is the place for swimming, diving, sailing and surfing. High standing hotels, beautiful promenade along the water, excellent restaurants Honolulu is a great island. Maui romantic island is the spot for honeymoon with golden sand beaches, fine restaurants, art galleries. Tourists appreciate the nicest golf courses. Watersports are the best here. The Big Island of Hawaii has this park named Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you can see red hot lava pouring into the sea. 

Kenya in July

Kenya Safari Camping is one of my best trips. See the nature, the wild animals lions, rhinos, buffalo, elephants. The excellent time to see the migration of over a million wildebeests is usually between June and August in Serengeti. One of my favorite top 10 vacation spot Masai Mara.

Best sights: Amboseli, Mt Kilimanjaro, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Masai Mara, Mombasa.

Masai Mara Kenya

Polynesia in August

The best time to visit French Polynesia is during the cooler months, from June to October to August. Blue and clear waters are the perfect habitat for fishes and corals. We come here for scuba diving and honeymoon. One of my favorite top 10 vacation spot Moorea.

Main sights: Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti, Huahine

California in September

California is very hot during the summer and have large wildfires. Thick fog in summer near the coast. San Diego County with its magnificent harbor, SeaWorld, la Jolla and Tijuana in Mexico The deserts with Palm Springs (the largest desert city), Salton Sea Recreation Area, Joshua Tree National Park, Mogave Desert, Death Valley National Park Central Coast for the Heart Castle, Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco The Wine Country includes Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley Northern California with its forests, volcanic mountains, giant redwood trees Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Eureka, Redwood National Park The Gold Country located at the heart of California has its gold rush. See Sacremento The High Sierras with popular recreation areas. Do not miss the Lake Tahoe with its emerald waters very deep set in the highest point of the Sierras.

Main sights: San Francisco, Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey

Turkey in October

The peak season is the national holiday time from July to mid-September. It’s best to visit before or after this period to avoid the crowds. One of my

 preferred top 10 vacation spot.

Main sights: Istanbul and the Cappadocia

Turkey the Cappadocia

Israel in November

The best time to visit is March to June or October to November. Discover beautiful cities like Jerusalem, Bethlehem and also see the dead sea and the red sea. One of my favorite Top 10 vacation spot Jerusalem.

Best sights: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, Dead sea, Red Sea

Florida in December

With warm weather all year round, Florida is a popular destination. But it is very hot during the summer. There is a hurricane period between June to October. Florida is for sure one of the Top 10 vacation spot with white beaches like Fort Lauderdale, small islands known the Keys (Key west, key Largo), Miami the big city and my favorite attraction Disney World. The Keys have around 400 islands surrounded by blue waters so fishing, snorkeling, boating are great activities here. Key West is the low key island, a magnificent place to stay Ernest Hemingway has lived in Key west Tips for Disney World, this park can be very busy with around 50 million guests, skip the queue with the Fastpass system. Go to the most important rides first. Miami is a city with endless number of sporting, recreational, cultural activities. White beach and shopping are excellent.

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