Table manners

During our days often we forget to have good table manners. But for sure you'd like your guests say that your meal was so good and well served. The general order of a meal has a real importance.

It's the hostess that depends of the animation, cheerfulness, civility who reigned at the table. The task is immense and delicate In the words of Brillat-Savarin: Inviting someone at his table is indeed taking charge of his happiness during the time he is under your roof.

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The perfection of a reception depends on several factors:

  • Menu well composed.
  • Elegance of the table.
  • Lighting harmonious.
  • Place the guests.
  • Service methodical

Welcome your guests

A warm welcome must be reserved for the guests. Just after their arrival, the hostess will introduce with a kind word to others.It's a part of good table manners.

Whatever the circumstances, the hostess should make the table warm and cheerful. A fleece, wool or cotton, is indispensable on the table in the dining room. It isolates the warm utensils that would be tarnished the table. It absorbs shock, dangerous and unpleasant noise for the ears.

Setting the table

Each guest must have sufficient space to feel comfortable without being bothered. There're about 50 to 60 inches per person.

Plates are placed symmetrically around the table. A smaller plate for the bread on the left side of the fork.

Cutlery -the spoon is right next to the knife on the right side of the plate. On the left is the fork. First use them outside

Glasses -The service-glass consists of five parts: Water glass, glass Bordeaux, Burgundy, Madeira, champagne or a flute. The glasses were raised to the plate, their order varies according to the fancy. Sometimes the large glass is left, the other in his wake, by decay in his wake,decay by size. Or it up right, provision may be logical. Finally we can put in there, the rest of systematically each side. If the space is somewhat limited, the cut is placed behind the glasses.

Salt & pepper - The dimensions of the table, we place a salt shaker at each end, or two in the middle, with a small spoon, unless each guest has before him a small salt shaker, or a shaker.

Napkins -By service of soup, the napkin is placed on the plate or the right sight. A simple arrangement is pretty and much preferable.

Menu -For each guest place a small card on the left upside of the plate.

Drinks. -A piche of water is placed on round glass metal or lingerie. The regular wine is poured into carafes. The wine remains in its original bottle.

Decoration of the table

The decoration of the table must remain discreet and tasteful .

Floral decoration "Always nice and fashionable, such decoration must however avoid the use of massive or fragrant flowers and grebes too high to hinder the view of guests. Simple garland of flowers and foliage lightweight, placed on the water, straight or wavy forms a graceful ornament, easy to execute and price remain low. One especially flowers with ends of the table requires more flowers and should remain very low. The flowers are spikes in the moss or wet sand, which facilitates the bouquet and preserve freshness. A beautiful basket of fruit may replace the flowers


The guests move to the the dining room.

If it's a dinner for twelve or more, you can put at each place a small card with the name of the guest. The owners of the house are places in the middle of the table, face to face. To the right of each guest will be seated which are due most respects (social status, age). The provision of other diners must always be tactful; rotate as much as possible a man and a lady. Place all the guests together that are not completely unknown. the conversation will be easier. We do not sit before the hostess; we don't leave the table before her.

Don't give the signal to leave the table before making sure that everyone has finished. They're important table manners. Order of service - The dishes are served successively in the right order.

Soup or appetizers, entries, meats, vegetable pate, salad, cheese, dessert, desserts, fruit.

Don't forget table manners with your friends!

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