St Ephrem church Paris

The St Ephrem church in Paris hosts classical concerts. The church is located on rue des Carmes, a small street near La Sorbone, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Since 1927, L'église Saint-Éphrem-le-Syriaque is classified as historical monuments (Monuments Historiques).

The present building is the third chapel built on the site. The first chapel was built around 1334: André Ghini, bishop of Arras, at that time transforms his Parisian hotel in college for Italian students, the College of the Lombards. This college was bought in 1677 by two Irish priests who convert it into Irish College, around 1685 they built a second chapel. The present chapel was built in 1733. In 1925 the mayor of Paris bought it and became the Syriac Catholic Mission in France.

Saint-Ephrem church in Paris

The church is a famous venue for concerts. Find a nice music program all  all year round. Affordable concerts in Paris.

Concerts in Saint Ephrem Church

The Saint-Ephrem Church has outstanding acoustics and a remarkable ambiance. That is a wonderful setting for classical music concerts.

Saint Ephrem Church 2018

Location of the church 

Saint-Ephrem address: 17 rue des Carmes Paris 15th arrondissement. Metro: Maubert - Mutualite.

Church near the University La Sorbonne

Church near the street Rue des Ecoles

Restaurant near the Church of St-Ephrem:

  • Le Petit Prince de Paris 12 rue de Lanneau
     5th arrondissement of Paris (fine dining)

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