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 Paris restaurants

Find the best Paris restaurants? Choose between between a luxury restaurant or a brasserie, a bistro or a cafe? Expensive or cheap place in Paris? Location, ambiance and decor? What are you looking for? The City of lights has over 40 000 places to eat. And France has the largest number of establishments with Michelin stars. 

Some restaurants in Paris have been the place to eat for famous historic people and celebrities. Others are called cafe but served excellent meals. Some brasseries in Paris are Parisian institutions with a stunning decor. They are worth a visit in Paris. 

L'Auberge du Mouton Blanc: 40 rue d'Auteuil Paris 16th arrondissement. Metro: Michel Ange Auteuil. Moliere, Racine, Boileau, Chapelle and La Fontaine have dined here sometimes.

Au pied de cochon: 6 rue Coquilliere Paris 01. Metro: Les Halles. Authentic Parisian restaurant. Specialties pigs' trotters, sea food platters and onion soup. Famous clients: Alfred Hitchcock  Francoise Sagan, Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Doisneau , Francois Mitterrand.

Chez Chartier: 7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre Paris 09. Metro: Grands boulevards.The restaurant is located in an ancient station hall classified National Heritage of France. The service is traditional with waiters dressed in black and white.

Paris Brasseries

There are few sumptuous brasseries in Paris you cannot miss. They serve delicious food, large seafood platters, sauerkraut or choucroute meals are generous.  

Bofinger: 5 - 7 rue de la Bastille Paris 04. Metro: Bastille. It is one of the oldest brasseries. First brasserie where the beer has been served at the pump. Beautiful interior, mirrors, stained glass ceiling, wood. Well known clients, Woody Allen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Barbra Hendricks...

Brasserie Lipp: 151 boulevard Saint Germain Paris 06. Metro: Saint Germain.  Famous brasserie in Paris where you can eat sauerkraut with pork, ham, sausages. Marcel Proust, Hemingway, Sylvester Stallone, President Francois Mitterrand...have been clients. 

Le Procope: 13 rue de l'Ancienne Comedie Paris 06. Metro: Odeon. Elegant brasserie has seen the likes of Voltaire, Rousseau, Robespierre, Danton...

Cafes in Paris

French and great cafes in Paris where you can also sit outside. Order a menu or simply a snack, a coffee. Coffee shops are in French culture. Some of them are better that restaurants.

Le Grand Cafe des Capucines: 4 boulevard des Capucines Paris 09. Metro: Opera. Near the Paris opera Garnier. This restaurant cafe has one' of Paris most luxurious and romantic decors.

Cafe de la Paix: 5 place de l'Opera Paris. Metro: Opera. French president Charles de Gaulle had lunch here.

Paris Bistros

Sometimes tiny bistros are the most welcoming places, particularly in Paris. Family owned you can enjoy traditional recipes.

L'Ardoise: 28 rue du Mont Thabor Paris 01. Metro: Concorde. French gastronomy.

Le Machon d'Henri: 8 rue Guisarde Paris 6th arrondissement. Metro: St-Sulpice.

La Billebaude: 29 rue de l'Exposition Paris 07. Metro: Ecole Militaire. 

Top Paris restaurants 

Looking for breathtaking views of Paris? Few Paris restaurants are located at the top of buildings.

58 Tour Eiffel: Eiffel Tower first floor Paris 07. Metro: Bir Hakeim. View of the Trocadero, Seine River, Ecole Militaire.

Le Jules Verne: gourmet restaurant at the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Le Ciel de Paris: Montparnasse Tower 33 avenue du Maine Paris 15. Metro: Montparnasse Bienvenue.

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