Paris Pizza

Paris pizza restaurants near Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Champs-Élysées, Musée Rodin and pizza restaurants in the French Capitale.

The history of the pizza starts in the Neapolitan province of Italy.

Queen Margherita of Savoy gives the name of the Pizza Margherita with the colors of the Italian flag with red like tomato, white is the mozzarella and green, the basil.

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Pizza Marzano near Notre-Dame Cathedral

Pizza Marzano: 30, boulevard des Italiens Paris 9th.

From Notre-Dame de Paris walk to the restaurant Pizza Marzano: across the Petit Pont, walk to the right at Quai St-Michel, left at place St-Michel and arrive at Pizza Marzano.

The Pizza Marzano serves a thin crust Italian pizza with an Italian wine. The restaurant is opened for breakfast 8 am to 11 am. There is a lunch menu with a starter, a main course, a drink and a dessert or coffee. A delightful homemade tiramisu. Special kids Menu. 

Pizza Vezuvio near Champs-Élysées Avenue

Address: Pizza Vezuvio 144 Champs Elyses Paris 8th arrondissement.

From the Champs-Elysees walk to the Pizza Vezuvio. View on the Arc de Triomphe. Enjoy a Paris pizza made by an Italian chef. 

Pizza Tina near the Museum Rodin

Address: Pizza Tina 73 Avenue Bosquet Paris 7th. 

From the Musée Rodin walk to Pizza Tina: turn left on Boulevard des Invalides, right on avenue de Tourville, right place de l'Ecole Militaire, right on avenue Bosquet. You will arrive at the pizzeria Tina.

Pizza addresses in Paris

Il Campionissimo: 98 rue Montmartre Paris 2. Metro: Sentier
Delicious pizza (second place best pizza around the world in 2009). Quite different that the others pizzas made with cheese and ham! Find products like foie gras, scallops, truffle. A list of 75 kinds of pizza on the menu. Located 10 minutes from les Halles, direction rue Montmartre.

Les Halles to Pizza Rustica: 36 rue Montorgueuil Paris 1st. Metro Les Halles. A pizza baked with flour Bio Integral. 5 minutes from les Halles.

Les Folies Bergeres to Green Pizz: 8 Rue Cadet Paris 9.
Organic Paris pizza. 5 minutes from les Folies Bergeres. 

Gare de l'Est to Le Bistro Lorrain: 17 rue du 8 Mai 1945, 75010 Paris. Pizza au feu de bois. Vegetarian pizza (tomato, cheese, artichoke, egg-plant, green pepper, onion).

The Opera to Mountain Pizza Company: 30 boulevard des Italiens. 3 minutes to the Opera.

Pizza franchise in Paris

  • Domino's pizza
  • Pizza Hut
  • Le Kiosque a pizza
  • Speed Rabbit Pizza
  • La boite a pizza

Kinds of pizza

  • Margherita (tomato cheese oregano)
  • Napoletana (tomato cheese anchovies capers olives oregano)
  • Regina (tomato cheese ham mushrooms oregano)
  • Quatre saisons (tomato cheese ham mushrooms olives artichokes)
  • Calzone (tomato ham cheese egg oregano)
  • Campione (tomato ham mushrooms onions beef egg)
  • Pescatore (tomato cheese seafood oregano)
  • Venezia (tomato cheese ham eggplant egg oregano)
  • Roma (tomato cheese chicken onions mushrooms olives oregano)
  • Capriciosa (tomato, cheese, ham, artichoke, olive, mushrooms) 

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