Paris eBook


Paris eBook is a guide to visit Paris in 1, 3 or 5 days.

Valuable information for tourists who want to know about Paris best quarters, famous tourist attractions, museums, unique hotels, historical or well-known brasseries, shopping, exciting guided tours, cruises. And have special interests for books, antiques, markets, cooking lessons, music, sports... The Paris eBook contains all the famous addresses in Paris.

Paris bestplaces eBook: only 9.99 EUR

What’s inside this eBook?

The quarters in Paris you shouldn’t miss, top sights to see. Best attractions are mainly concentrated in the same area. But most tourists don’t know! Read this eBook and don't Waste your time in Paris! 

Best hotels in Paris

How to choose your Hotel in Paris? Your hotel will be an essential part to your successful vacations. So don’t let anybody to choose your hotel for you!

There are hundreds of hotels in Paris. In this eBook you will find a selection of hotels in Paris. They have been selected for their location, the decor, the history of the building... These Hotels are not specially the most expensive ones in Paris.

Restaurants in Paris

Food in Paris!  There are over 40 000 places to eat in Paris.

Don't go to the first restaurant you find.  Try a real French brasserie or bistro or cafe! There are some places in Paris, you'll be amazed by the decor, the history, the location, the dishes...and they are not the most expensive restaurants in Paris!

In this eBook you will find the addresses of these restaurants with amazing décor; historical value; unique location; special dishes...

Cafes, chocolate, tearooms

Did you know French tearooms in Paris are famous for their pastries all around the world ? Going to one of these coffee shops is a must do - where famous artists, painters have been regular clients. This Paris eBook contains the addresses of the best cafes, tearooms, bakeries in Paris.

Evening in Paris

Where to go on the evening in Paris? Is it worth the time looking for something to do when you are already in Paris? What are the best cabarets, jazz clubs. Opera or classical concert. In the eBook you will find what to do on the evening. Some places require to book in advance.

Tours and special interests

Tours in Paris. Too much to do, too much to see, too much to know about Paris. A guided tour can be a best choice if you don't know Paris. But a tour can be too long!. Find out interesting and not boring tours available in Paris. 

Special interests. What do you like? Cooking, reading, sports, classical music, biking... In this Paris eBook you find many ideas to complement your visit in Paris.

Paris bestplaces eBook: only 9.99 EUR