About Paris culture

Preparing a trip to France is also knowing about Paris Culture. Like any ancient capital Paris is built on many historical layers.

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Architectural innovations

Eiffel Tower: in 1889 some people called the Eiffel Tower the Iron Asparagus!

Glass-pyramid of the Louvre: in 1989 some people said it is magnific! and the others it is horrible!

Centre Georges Pompidou: in 1990 it was described by its designer Renzo Piano as an insolent, irreverent provocation.

La Defense: in 1989 some parisians referred Paris La Defense as Houston on the Seine.

French eating

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you" wrote the French gastronome Brillat-Savarin. His famous work, Physiologie du goût (The Physiology of Taste) was published in December 1825.

Eating is in the heart of the French Paris Culture! That's normal to spend at least 2 hours for a three courses meal. During your trip try to spend more time at the table. Try French specialites. Do not miss to try the Foie Gras, the Onion Soup, the Coq au vin and many kinds of cheese.

Cafe expresso in Paris

It means the coffee is a part of French people life. Everywhere you go there are bistros, cafes. Have a quick coffee at the counter. You will see business men, students go into the real life of Paris.

Enter la Closerie des Lilas on 171 blvd Montparnasse.

End of XIXs you will feel the History of Beaudelaire, Appolinaire and Hemingway...

Shopping bon chic bon genre

Shopping is a quotidian activity in Paris. You can get into this game easily...Everywhere find chic boutiques, high class department stores to markets and flea Markets.

Book stores, wines stores...spend time like parisians they enjoy the Leche-vitrine.

French wine

Taste French wine. It is a part of French People Culture. Have you heard about the French Paradox?

Red wine decreases the incidence of cardiac diseases!

Many good wines to taste: Bordeaaux, Cote du Rhone, beaujolais, wines of Alsace (more white)...

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