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Jobs in Paris

Find jobs in Paris? Pretty hard with over 10% unemployment rate! But here you will find places where they offer part time and full time work.

What kind of job are you looking for?

If you're a qualified worker it's like everywhere around the world we need you. It's always a good idea to look for jobs they need English speaking. Speaking both languages will help you for sure to find a work.

If you are looking for a long term job, you can work like a nanny (au pair) or an English teacherFrench Newspapers have generally a section for jobs. Look at the classified ads, go to a job center (Agence Nationale pour l'Emploi) for every types of jobs a. The Agence pour l'Emploi de Cadres is for professional jobs listing.

The American Chamber of Commerce will give you some good information.

Short term work

Many travelers would like to find a short term work or a seasonal job for paying their trip. Screen the ads regularly in the local newspaper. Look at the signs on the windows. Don't be shy to ask to the owner of a restaurant or hotel if they need help.

Easy Expat online gives you a bunch of info and a list of summer jobs at Disneyland near Paris to Ski Resorts Courchevel. Youth Hotels offer too jobs regularly, just contact the local one. Find the address and phone at www.fuaj.org

Ideas for seasonal jobs:

  • Grape-harvesting time
  • Harvest of fruits
  • Coordinator of camp (for kids or campground)
  • Animator of Club Mediterranee
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Baby sitting
  • Paris Trade Shows (Japan Expo)
  • Disneyland Paris

Interesting websites:

  • club-vacances.travail-saisonnier.com
  • disneylandparis-casting.com
  • clubmedjobs.com
  • parisetudiant.com
  • action-emploi.net
  • hotessejob.com

Long term work

Do you want to stay minimum few months in France? It will be better to look for jobs in Paris before you go. Try to find one in advance. Internships are a good way too.

Contact the French-American Chamber of Commerce (www.faccnyc.org) and directly the companies (list at the Chamber of Commerce). They could hire you depending of your qualification.

  • cadresonline.com

Nanny or Au Pair

Live in a family, get a bedroom, food and pocket money. Will ask you to look after the kids and some small duties. It's a good way to live in the French Community! Will improve your French skills...Different companies will help you for that:

  • Accueil International Services
  • Agence Au Pair Fly
  • InterExchange
  • Childcare International

Teaching English

Some jobs in Paris for English will be being a teacher, many schools will required a (TEFL) certificate. If you just look for few hours to help a child with his English, just check the local newspaper. Put a ad at schools. Most of them have a board where you can display ads.

International Schools Services hires teachers. French Ministry of Education Teaching Assistant ship in France send people to teach English in France.

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Museums to visit

Louvre Museum is opened every day except Tuesdays. See the Mona Lisa painting,  Venus de Milo 

Musee d'Orsay is closed on Mondays. Impressionist paintings, Monet, Renoir, Gauguin

Museum Rodin open daily except Mondays. See The Kiss, The Thinker

Shopping in Paris

Le Marais district is famous for its small boutiques

Galeries Lafayette major department store in Paris. Beautiful stained glass dome

Avenue Montaigne where to find most luxurious boutiques

Monuments to see

Eiffel Tower is the most visited attraction in Paris. Also has the best views of the French Capital

Arc de Triomphe is worth a visit. Excellent view of the Champs-Elysees

Notre-Dame Cathedral beautiful interior. Breathtaking views from the top of the tower 

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