Facts about the Eiffel Tower

Find facts about the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, a French Engineer had a new exciting project for the World Exhibition in 1889: to build an amazing iron structure in Paris.

Gustave Eiffel has started his work in 1887 and took two years to finish the Eiffel Tower. At that time, la Dame de Fer (the Iron Lady nickname of the Eiffel Tower) was the tallest building in the World with its 324 meters high. Now it is the highest building in Paris. 

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Eiffel Tower facts

In 1887, 300 workers started to build the Eiffel Tower. It took 18 000 pieces of pure iron, 2,5 million of rivets and a total of 7000 tons of iron.

The inauguration day was March 31, 1889 and the opening day on May 6, 1889.

At this time people around the world and Parisians didn't like the iron tower. They thought: it was too big and too modern.

Now the Eiffel Tower is the most famous and most visited monument in the world. During 121 years, 250 000 000 visitors have visited the Iron Lady.

There are three floors at the Eiffel Tower. The first floor is only 57 m high from the ground, the cecond floor 115 m and the third floor 276 m.

Are you fit enough? To climb the 1665 stairs to the second level. There is a viewing gallery  at 274m, just 50m above is the tower's flagpole. The place where to get the best view of Paris. You are able to see 80km away in a clear day.

Two wind turbines has been installed on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower in February 2015. It is difficult to see them because they are the same colour of the Eiffel Tower. They are 7 meters high and produce some energy for the first floor. They were build by the American company Urban Green Energy

When and how to paint the Eiffel Tower

Others facts about the Eiffel Tower. To paint the Eiffel Tower is a big job! 25 painters do the work every 7 years. It protects the tower from the rust. They use 60 tons of paints and it costs 3 million of Euros. The work is done in 15 to 18 months. The Eiffel Tower has been painted 19 times so far. The last time was in 2009, 2010.

Do you know? That 20 000 lights on the Eiffel Tower flash on and off in the first 10 minutes. Beginning of each hour. It starts after nightfall, until 2 am during summer, 1 am during winter.

Events at the Eiffel Tower

Paris Eiffel Jumping is a famous equestrian event on the Champs-de-Mars near the Eiffel Tower in July.

Bastille Day at the Eiffel Tower on July 14th. Fireworks.

The Ice Rink on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower opens in December.

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