Bistro Paris
wine bar or pub 

Bistro Paris is where you can eat French dishes in a Parisian atmosphere located in a popular quarter of Paris. Some of them are little, friendly restaurants where you order snacks, salads and drinks. Others are well-known, fancy and more expensive. Bistros, cafes, bars, wine bars for French people they are not so different.

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Bistro in Paris

Top bistro Paris

L'Ardoise, 28 rue du Mont Thabor, 1st arrondissement. Metro: Concorde. Open between Tuesday and Saturday for lunch and dinner. Dinner only on Sunday. Ardoise means blackboard. Traditional French bistro Paris. The food is superb. Menu 

Le Petit Machon, 158 rue St-Honore, 1st. Metro: Palais Royal-Musee du Louvre. Best specialties of Lyons: Saucisson chaud pommes a l'huile means warm saucisse with potatoes.

Le Villaret, 13 rue Ternaux, 11th. Metro: Parmentier. Excellent neighborhood bistro with very good specialties. Veloute de cepes a la mousse de foie gras (cep soup with foie gras mousse) and the gigot d'agneau de Lozere roti (roast lamb). Tasting menu.

Bistrot de l'Oulette, 38 rue des Tournelles, 4th. Metro: Bastille. Provincial cooking with duck foie gras or magret de canard (fillet of duck breast).

Les Vignes du Pantheon, 4 rue des Fosses St-Jacques, 5th. Metro: Luxembourg. Charming bistro Paris with southwest inspired cuisine.

Le Machon d'Henri, 8 rue Guisarde, 6th. Metro: St-Sulpice. Tiny bistro with marble-topped tables. Really French dishes like boudin noir aux pommes (black pudding with apples) or tripes a la mode de Caen (tripe cooked Caen style).

Le coin de verre, 38 rue de Sambre et Meuse, 10th. Metro: Belleville. Full of retro character this bistro Paris has dark yellow walls, fireplace. Specialty here ischarcuterie (cold meat), cheese and sure wine.

Paris Bar

L'Arbuci, 25 rue du Buci, 6th. Metro: Mabillon. Good choice with this lounge bar. Big street windows.

Bar a Soupes et Quenelles Giraudet, 5 rue Princesse, 6e. Metro: Mabillon. Perfect spot to rest your legs. Thick soups and quenelles lyonnaises (pike-perch dumplings).

Buddha Bar, 12 rue Boissy d'Anglas, 8th. Metro: Concorde. The decor is simply spectacular with millions of candles, golden Buddha. Go for cocktails. Music Zen.

Bistro Paris Wine bar

Aux vins des Pyrenees, 25 rue Beautreillis, 4th. Metro: St-Paul. Lunch : From Sunday to Friday / Diner : From Monday to Sunday. This bistro Paris is a very good place for enjoying a real French meal. A large choice of wine. Some delicatessen the foie gras and os a moelle (marrowbone).

Les caves St-Gilles, 4 rue St-Gilles, 3th. Metro: Chemin Vert. A Spanish wine bar not too far of place des Vosges. Tapas, spanish bouillabaisse.

Le Casier a Vin, 53 rue Olivier de Serres, 15th. Metro: Convention. Bottle-lined walls. Classic tartare de boeuf (steak tartare).

O Chateau 68, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau.Subway Chatelet-Les-Halles. Paris wine tasting in the Central Paris just 5 minutes from the Louvre Museum, this wine bar is for French wine lovers. A large choice of wine can be tried by glass around 40 and 400 by the bottle. Excellent menu lunch, dinner and snacks all day long.

Willi's wine bar

Willi's wine Bar, 13 rue des Petits Champs, 1st. Metro: Bourse. Very convivial wine bar was opened in 1980 by British expats have introduced the first concept of wine bar.

Very nice oak bar. The wine list features over 250 references, strongly representing the wines of the Rhone but also Bandol, Languedoc, Sherry, & more.

Pubs in Paris

Where to find a pub for beer in Paris?

These places seem to be more and more popular in Paris. They offer a very good selection of British and Irish beers. Also serve a very good food at a reasonable price.

Auld Alliance, 80 Rue François Miron Paris 04. Metro St-Paul. Happy Hour week days 5 pm - 8 pm. Soccer and rugby on big screen. And later excellent live music.

Beer Academy in Paris

Academie de la Biere, 88 Bis, Boulevard de Port Royal, 5th. Happy Hours 3:30pm to 7:30pm. Great choice of beers. Specialty of Moules frites(Mussels with French fries), cold meat and cheese.

Frog and Rosbif

  • Les Halles, 116 rue St. Denis Paris 02. Metro Etienne Marcel, Paris. Happy Hours 
  • Frog & Princess, 9 rue Princesse Paris 06. Metro St Germain des Pres. Cool bar in a very nice area of Paris. Student Nights
  • Frog XVI, 110 Bis avenue Kleber, Paris 16. Metro Trocadero. Cafe and brasserie
  • Frog and British Library, 114 Av de France Paris 13. Metro Bibliotheque. Live sport on a giant screen
  • Frog at Bercy Village, 25 Cour St. Emilion Paris 12. Metro Cours St. Emilion. It is an historic Parisian wine cellar

L'Express de Lyon is a brasserie near the train station Gare de Lyon in Paris. Address: 1 rue de Lyon Paris 12th arrondissement.

Le Supercoin bistrot pop and rock garage. Address: 3 rue Baudelique, Paris 18th arrondissement.

Super Bowl 2017 Paris

Watch the Super Bowl in Paris:

  • The Long Hop Paris 25-27 rue Frederic Sauton 75005 Paris
  • Hard Rock Café 14, Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris
  • O’Sullivans Grand Boulevard Paris 1 Boulevard Montmartre, 75002 Paris
  • The Highlander 8 Rue de Nevers, 75006 Paris

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