Avenue Montaigne
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The Avenue Montaigne is one of most beautiful and famous streets in Paris specially for high fashion stores and luxury brands names. The street is considering the most expensive in Paris. It is one the best streets for shopping in Paris. Situated near Champs-Elysees avenue, between the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de l'Alma in the 8th arrondissement.

A must-do in Paris, walk down the avenue. It is the most enjoyable street, beautiful buildings, trees, boutiques, theatre, luxury hotels...

Famous addresses on Avenue Montaigne 

Stores, hotels, theatres, restaurants...you find from the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysees (Metro station: Franklin D. Roosevelt) to the place de l'Alma square.

Avenue Montaigne in Paris
  • Gucci, 60 Montaigne avenue. Glasses, shoes, accessories
  • Jil Sander, 56 avenue Montaigne. Shoes, bags, women men clothes
  • Ralph Lauren, 52 avenue Montaigne. Women clothes, accessories
  • Krizia, 48 avenue Montaigne
  • Bonpoint, 49 avenue Montaigne
  • Christian Dior, 30 avenue Montaigne
  • Canadian Embassy, 35 avenue Montaigne
  • Christian Lacroix, 26 avenue Montaigne
  • Louis Vuitton, 22 avenue Montaigne
  • Prada, 10 avenue Montaigne
  • Theatre des Champs Elysees, 15 avenue Montaigne 
  • Maison Blanche restaurant, 15 avenue Montaigne

Facts of avenue Montaigne

Escada 19 avenue Montaigne in Paris

What you should know about the avenue Montaigne in Paris:

The street is 615 meters lengh.

In the 18th century, Montaigne street was called Allee des Veuves (widows' alley). It was a gathering place for widows.

The name come from the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne.

Marlene Dietrich actress has lived at the 12th of Montaigne avenue.

Christian Dior has opened his first boutique in 1946 at the 30th Montaigne avenue.

A very Important robbery of jewelry (78, 79 millions of Euros) happened at Harry Winston, 29th Montaigne avenue. 

Buying an apartment Avenue Montaigne is the most expensive street in Paris in 2015.

Events on Avenue Montaigne

Les Vendanges Montaigne means the harvest. Boutiques invite their guests to celebrate, and serve the best wines. At the same time, they present their new collections. The event is in September. And it happens every 2 years. 

La Fete des Catherinettes is the feast of Saint Catherine celebrated every year on November 25th. Only fashion houses can participate. Boys and girls have to be 25 years old and wear a hat.

Avenue de Montaigne, Christmas illuminations start from November 17th 2017.

Les Soldes best time to buy fancy clothes in Paris is during the Winter and Summer sales. 

- Winter sales in Paris: 10 January to 20 February 2018

- Summer sales in Paris: 27 June to 7 August 2018

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